Professional vet services in Kings Meadows

Animals can communicate quite well. And they do. And generally speaking, they are ignored. 

~Alice Walker

Our highly trained medical staff at Kings Meadows Veterinary Clinic make sure that your beloved pet lives a healthy and active life by remedying all types of curable diseases and medical problems.

Keeping procedures affordable is one of our main focuses. We work every day to help your animals live long and healthy lives. Kings Meadows Veterinary Clinic provides vet services in Kings Meadows that you can rely on.


All-round care for animals

vet and whippet

Dr. Deidre and Lily

Regular checkups are encouraged at Kings Meadows Veterinary Clinic. We like to see the animals we treat again, even if you are just doing a walk by with them. Our vet services in Kings Meadows are built on a deep interest in our community which includes all animals. 

Regular toenail clipping will prevent more serious foot problems in the future.

 Making sure your pet is not a host to fleas and ticks and keeping them regularly wormed is something we can document for you and help you to keep current.

Your animal's weight has a major impact on their life, come in and weigh them regularly. We have a Slimfit program for those who may be a bit on the tubby side.  An animal's diet is just as important as yours. We can educate you about a suitable diet for your animal. Good nutrition is one of the primary preventions for disease and health-related problems.

Healthy teeth and gums are also very important to an animal's overall health status.

We recommend yearly health checks, including a dental checkup and vaccinations.

Surgery in safe hands

Dr. Angela Offord

Surgery can be an important part of treatment. Our practice is well equipped for most surgical procedures.

But if we feel that your animal needs more specialised care, we have a good relationship with a number of specialist veterinarians to whom we can refer you and your pet.

At our clinic, to name but a few of the services provided, we offer desexing, dental procedures, orthopaedic surgeries, soft tissue surgeries, pre-anaesthetic blood tests, digital radiography, and ultrasound and MRI ( outsourced specialist service) .

Dr.Deidre Pyecroft and her children,Meg,Charlie,George and Alex

Our staff and practice

Kay and Gemma, vet nurses, with Boonie

Everyone at Kings Meadows Veterinary Clinic strives to provide the best veterinary advice possible. We thrive on keeping ourselves current, re-educated, and inspired. What is important to us is the overall good health that your animal deserves to enjoy.

We have three veterinarians on staff, each working part time, but together providing a full time service.

Dr. Deidre Pyecroft has been in veterinary practice for more than 30 years, part of that time in Qld and part here in Tas. She loves looking after your pets. She bought the practice from Dr. Peter McKean in 2010. She has 4 children, 3 of whom have worked at the practice so far, a Whippet, Lily, who is often at work too, and a cat ( that much prefers not to come near the place!!).

Dr. Angela Offord has been a vet for around 25 years. She has a daughter, Alice, and   Whippets! She also works as Executive Officer for the Tas Division of the Australian Veterinary Association . She loves treating the really small animals like rabbits and rats, as well as cats and dogs.

Dr. Michelle Trevan  joined the practice in 2015. She is another Qld graduate, and she worked up there for about 5 years, but she has been living in Tassie now for about 3 years. She and her husband have a daughter, Ava, and a new baby boy, Riley, and two dogs. She brings great enthusiasm and new ideas to the practice. She is on maternity leave for part of 2016-17.

Dr. Peter McKean, former practice owner, was at the Kings Meadows clinic for more than 30 years. Sadly, in late 2016 he passed away, after retiring from practice in late 2015.

We have a number of veterinary nurses on staff  - Kaylene Challis, who has been with the practice for many years,  Shellee Kerr,  Anna Keeling and other part time staff  Haylee Challis and Charlie Pyecroft.

Together we all aim to provide a great service to our clients and their pets.