Veterinary surgeon with a pup

Friendly and professional veterinary surgeons in Kings Meadows

Kings Meadows Veterinary Clinic aims to provide your pet with the very best in medical care. Our range of veterinary services encompasses general wellness checks, including vaccinations, worming and flea and tick prevention, dental care, blood tests, radiology, ultrasound and surgery.

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Our services

  • vaccinations for dogs, cats and rabbits
  • flea and tick protection
  • surgery (general, sterilisation of dogs, cats and other domestic animals,dental,orthopaedic)
  • urine tests  and blood glucose testing inhouse, full blood panels from external laboratories, xrays, ultrasound

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Our staff

Kings Meadows Veterinary Clinic has a highly qualified medical team and animal-loving staff. Our goal is to make the quality of your pet's life as good as it can be. We do everything we can to improve the health of every animal. 

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